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Setting IP version 6

Configure IPv6 using the IPv6 Configuration wizard

To configure IPv6 on the server, you must change the server's configuration using the IPv6 Configuration wizard in iSeries™ Navigator. IPv6 may only be configured from iSeries Navigator, and may not be configured from the character-based interface.

Note: You may configure the IPv6 ethernet line description by using the Create Line Desc (Ethernet) CRTLINETH command in the character-based interface; however, you must specify the hexadecimal multicast group address 333300000001. Then, you must use the IPv6 Configuration wizard to finish configuring IPv6.

The wizard will require the following input:

  • For configuring an Ethernet line for IPv6:
    This configuration allows you to send IPv6 packets over an IPv6 local area network (LAN). The wizard requires the name of the hardware communications resource on the server on which you will configure IPv6; for example, CMN01. This must be either a 2838 or 2849 Ethernet adapter that is not currently configured for IPv4. See create ipv6 LAN for a scenario that shows a situation in which you would configure an Ethernet line for IPv6.
  • For creating a configured tunnel line (TNLCFG64):
    • This type of configuration allows you to send IPv6 packets over IPv4 networks. The wizard requires the IPv4 address for the local endpoint and the IPv6 address for the local interface associated with the tunnel. See send ipv6 packets over ipv4 LAN and send ipv6 packets over ipv4 WAN for scenarios that show two situations in which you would create the configured tunnel lines for IPv6.

To use the IPv6 Configuration wizard, follow these steps:

  1. In iSeries Navigator, expand your server ––> Network ––> TCP/IP Configuration.
  2. Right-click IPv6 and select IPv6 Configuration.
  3. Follow the wizard's instructions to configure IPv6 on your server.

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