Sabtu, 20 Februari 2010

charging process on voip

Loading associated with the collection of detailed data about a conversation or use of services. Based on these data made the determination, the generation and recording meter pulses and their accumulation, which can be processed further to calculate the cost of such a conversation or service.

poin of charging

Loading point in a relationship is a place where charging for such a conversation is determined and recorded, and the counting begins loading.

Basis of payment

1. In general, charged the caller's conversation, except:
• Services are charged to a 800 call (free call)
• Customer IN imposed on both parties
• In a credit card is charged to third parties.

2. In general, a successful call will be charged. however in addition to this general rule implemented several provisions as follows:
• Emergency calls are exempt from fees
• Call a certain class free of charge, charged to the recipient of the call
• If no signal Answer / Answer, free of charge.

3.In general, the cost of the conversation depends on two basic elements: time and distance. Associated with the use of telecommunications facilities.

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